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The Elegant Warrior Episode 229 – My Big Birthday

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5 September · Episode 229

My Big Birthday

12 Min, 59 Sec · By Heather Hansen

In this solo episode of the Elegant Warrior, Heather Hansen shares how she enjoys getting older and how use of the placebo effect can help.

In today’s solo episode, I will share why every Labor Day weekend is so special to me and how I am deciding to see my birthday this year. I’m focused on enjoying getting older, strengthening my relationships, and making the most out of the next 50 years.

We’ll Discuss

  • Why I view my birthday as a new beginning, a second New Year
  • How we can use the placebo effect to our advantage
  • Why you should decide what you see and believe

Read the NY Times article on Ellen Langer’s study

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Heather Hansen

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