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The Elegant Warrior Episode 224 – Alexis Brink and The Art of Jin Shin

This week’s podcast is a replay from a previously aired episode where I interviewed Alexis Brink, president of Jin Shin Institute in New York City and author of “The Art of Jin Shin.” Alexis has been practicing this art since 1991 and it was an absolute pleasure discussing it further with her.

In this interview, Alexis talks about the fascinating history of Jin Shin, and how her life forever changed when she first discovered it as a dancer in NYC. She explains how our attitude can affect our body’s harmony, and why problems are called ‘projects’ in Jin Shin practice. We also discuss using the hands as “jumper cables” to restore energy to the body, Finger Holds, FAST acronym and The Big Breathe Life.

To learn more about Alexis Brink and Jin Shin Institute, visit the links below:

The Art of Jin Shin book:



LinkedIn: alexis-brink-46055325