Your Team Needs to Advocate

They need to advocate for their ideas and the resources they need to bring them to life. They need to advocate for your business, and they need to advocate for each other. If your team doesn’t know how to advocate, you will lose.

Heather provides training to help your team Advocate to Win.

Whether it’s creating a three year curriculum for medical residents to advocate for their patients, their treatment plans and their teams or providing bystander intervention training, Heather provides

Interactive & Neuroscience-based Opportunities

for your team to grow into extraordinary advocates.


Private Podcast

Group Coaching Program

Virtual Learning

...and combinations of all of the above to provide advocacy training to teams in healthcare, sales, technology and luxury markets. She can give your team the tools to win.

The women of Dress for Success are bearing the brunt of COVID-19 disruption, many of whom work in impacted industries and are not as familiar with the 21st skills suddenly being required for remote work. Heather stepped up in a big way by teaching a virtual workshop sharing her FOCUS process to empower Dress for Success women from around the world to become strong communicators over video. The feedback so far has been EXTRAORDINARY--with a 99% Net Promoter Score and women telling us this is the most useful program we've ever offered. Heather's charisma and authenticity left our "sold out" crowd each feeling like they were her personal client. I would strongly recommend her offerings for anyone looking to teach communications in a way that feels fresh, current and fun

Jeanette Duffy - Chief Program Officer at Dress for Success Worldwide

Want the tools to be an advocate for your big ideas?

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