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Our greatest passion is teaching you to advocate for yourselves, and we customize all of our offerings to best serve you. Every client is different, after all, and the best advocates learn to create a message that serves their clients as individuals. Below are some of our most popular offerings.


Heather Hansen Consulting Services

We help your team identify their “jury” (clients/customers/team members) and use Heather’s proprietary 7x7w system to create a message that will resonate with that jury.

You’ll learn how to break the curse of knowledge and get your message through to even the toughest listener. During these workshops we can also work on the messenger — body language, facial expressions and tone of voice. These are the tools of an advocate, and we can help you use them to win.

You’ll learn Heather’s “PAUSE process” and how to ask better questions, deal with objections, use evidence and build credibility with your clients/customers and your team.

Online Offerings

Heather Hansen Consulting Services

Heather’s extensive television experience has made her familiar with the best ways to use audio and video to share ideas. Whether you want audio learning, webinars, online courses or a custom made combination, we will work with you to create a program that will keep your team engaged and motivated.

Any of the workshop/keynote topics can be taught through online offerings.

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Train the Trainer

Heather Hansen Consulting Services


Many clients want to create an Advocate to Win culture in their offices.

We can work with you to choose and train team members who can then share Heather’s “PAUSE process”, the 5 Cs of an Advocate, the 7x7w exercise and the Win/Lose/Weird analysis to ensure your entire team grows as advocates, together.

Strategy Days

Heather Hansen Consulting Services


After years of preparing for trials in the “war room”, we know that sometimes you have to lock down, focus in, and get it done.

The ATW team can work with you on the specific issue you identify. You’ll leave the day confident in your ability to overcome any trial and win support, attention, loyalty, and engagement.

The A Team Experience

Heather Hansen Consulting Services


This is a 2 day immersive, intensive experience for CEOs and leaders who want to advocate to win.

On the first day, Heather works with you to identify your “jury” (clients/customers/team members) and hone your message so that it speaks directly to them.

You’ll leave with your personalized 7x7w process and the words to use to make it work.

On the second day, the rest of the A-Team arrives.

Heather’s team of professionals will help you learn to advocate across the table, on camera, and on the stage.

We have production professionals, makeup artists, stylists and even body work professionals to help you feel confident that no matter what the setting, you can advocate to win.

What Decision-makers are Saying

"If you want a dynamic speaker who will provide your team with immediately actionable and memorable tools, book Heather Hansen. During her exciting presentation, s he shared the tools she has used in twenty years of successfully selling her cases to juries. She is an advocacy and credibility consultant, attorney, author, and podcaster. She does it all… and you can count on her to impart her knowledge in an interesting and relatable way! She is also incredibly responsive and makes it easy to work with her. Thank you, Heather"

Joan Docktor
Berkshire Hathaway Homeservices 
Fox & Roach, Realtors

"She was outstanding, using real life litigation and courtroom examples to demonstrate how using your voice and asking questions will give you different perspectives and lead to increased credibility and self-confidence. Heather’s enthusiasm and passion empowered everyone in attendance! She owned the room. As one female leader said 'I could have listened to her all day!'

Kelly Wright, VP of Human Relations
Bimbo Bakeries USA

“Heather was a guest speaker at the Women@Google monthly career talks we host for the Women@Google community. She was an incredible speaker with inspiring stories, interesting facts that I hadn’t thought about, and helpful tips. We also enjoyed hearing about her inspiring career journey. Heather’s session was rated 5 out of 5 for how valuable it was, which is the best feedback for a speaker so far. Thank you, Heather!”

Erica Hansen

"While I was Assistant Vice President at Drexel University College of Medicine we engaged Ms. Hansen to give numerous talks, lectures and presentations to physicians, staff and medical students. She is always prepared, engaging and certainly knows her stuff."

Deborah R. Lorber
Assistant Vice President - Drexel University College of Medicine - Retired 2013

"After seeing her speak and captivate audiences at numerous national meetings over the past 10 years, I booked Heather to deliver a keynote address on medical malpractice to a large group of orthopedic spine and neurosurgeons. She was the highlight of our meeting…incredibly well-prepared and insightful while eliciting lots of questions and great discussion."

Stephen E. Koenigsberg
Stryker Spine

"My introduction to Heather was when she presented to the Irish Hospital Consultant’s Association at their Annual Conference. She gave a wonderful talk on how better communication between doctor and patient can lead to better results. I was very enthused by her passion for improving the lives of both patients and healthcare staff; she does not react as one would typically expect a lawyer to behave. As a result of her talk I did some reflection and brought her message back to my ObGyn department. I continue to highlight the importance of good communication and would love to see her back to Ireland to undertake training and workshops for staff."

Mary McCaffrey
The Scotia Clinic

“Dynamic and Engaging” are two adjectives that come to mind when I think of Heather. I had the pleasure of seeing Heather deliver a lecture on medical malpractice to a large group of orthopedic spine and neurosurgeons. I was particularly impressed with her ability to connect with the audience; so impressed, that I invited Heather to deliver the keynote at our Women In Spine surgeon training program… her presentation was EXCEPTIONAL, and I have now had the pleasure of engaging Heather as the guest speaker at a multitude of programs. The unique perspective and passion that Heather effortlessly delivers her presentations has continued to be an audience favorite and she has earned my highest recommendation."

Sarah Moore

“Great real life stories on advocacy!”

“Great take on the customer experience. Lots of good takeaways.”

“Loved hearing the focus on becoming an advocate and the different perspective on things.”

Listen 2018

“Very motivational. Enjoyed the speaker and hearing from a successful woman in her field. Thank you for introducing us to her!! Cannot rate high enough!”

“Excellent presentation and well presented!!! Truly insightful!”

“Great content that will be very useful in my work and personal life.”

“Loved the different perspective that Heather presented. Highly eloquent and super interesting. Loved it!”

Listen 2018

“Heather Hansen is the kind of keynote speaker that every event producer dreams of. In addition to her powerful, crystal-clear, extraordinarily relevant, super-engaging content and her perfect level of energy, she went above and beyond to help us promote our annual She Leads leadership and entrepreneurship conference for women from the moment we agreed that she would be speaking. Heather contributed so much more to the day than her interactive keynote speech alone. She is a true partner, and walks her talk. It would be an honor to have her back at She Leads whenever she wants, and I can’t recommend her Advocate to Win keynote highly enough! Her message will help women, no matter what business or industry the operate within - large and small.”

Drienne L. Garland
CEO She Leads Media

"Heather Hansen provided a keynote for our sales team, and she is an exceptional speaker. Her engaging stories kept the team’s attention, and her interactive exercises kept them engaged. Heather also provided workshops on Building Credibility and Overcoming Objections, which gave our team actionable ways to use the tools of a trial attorney and win sales, engagement and loyalty. I’d highly recommend Heather for your next sales conference. "

Daniel van Starrenburg
CEO of Sav A Tree

“Heather rocked the house as a keynote speaker at our annual sales conference! She stands out among others in her professional for her ability to educate and motivate an audience by tying her work to theirs. Heather is extraordinary in her preparation, reading up on our selling system, researching our company, and engaging in several dialogs with me… all of which was woven masterfully into her message. She even adopted our nomenclature which makes attendees feel like she gets them. We evaluate all speakers, and Heather’s scores were among the best we have had in the 18 year history of this meeting.”

Luann O’Brien
Chief Marketing Officer of SavATree

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