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Prosecutors say Juliette Leilani Parker posed as a photographer to steal a newborn from its mother; analysis from trial attorney Heather Hansen. You can see Heather at

Disgraced media mogul Harvey Weinstein faces five criminal charges, including rape; analysis from trial attorney Heather Hansen and Miranda Devine, columnist for the New York Post. You can see Heather at

Theranos CEO Holmes faces wire fraud and conspiracy charges. Payne Capital Management President Ryan Payne and trial attorney Heather Hansen discusses the latest updates from the case. You can see Heather at

Tips for self advocating in crucial situations. Self-advocacy expert Heather Hansen talks about lessons to be gleaned from her new book “Advocate to Win.” You can see Heather at

Linda Evangelista is suing Zeltiq – the manufacturer of Coolsculpting. Heather Hansen and Dr. Steven Davis joins Good Day Philadelphia to discuss the lawsuit against Coolsculpting. You can see Heather at

LA judge suspends Britney Spears’ father from conservatorship. Attorney Heather Hansen joins FOX 29’s Karen Hepp to discuss the latest for Britney Spears as a Los Angeles judge rules to suspend her father, Jamie, from her conservatorship Wednesday. You can see Heather at

Gabby Petito’s death ruled homicide by strangulation, according to coroner. Attorney Heather Hansen joins Good Day Philadelphia to discuss the latest news in the Gabby Petito case. You can see Heather at


What to Learn From Former Theranos CEO Elizabeth Holmes—Advocacy Matters – Opinion by Heather Hansen

The Energizer – Guest Post By Heather Hansen

New York Business Journal – Mentoring Monday draws 125 business executives in New York City


Most workers won’t complain to management, but often, they should. – Heather Hansen comments to NYPost: “First there was #MeToo, and now COVID has made everything screwy. Many have decided, ‘I’m not going to deal with it [bad bosses, poor conditions, company policies, bullying] anymore,’ ” said attorney, author and workplace coach Heather Hansen. “People are burned out, their reserves limited. They aren’t going to be willing to deal with a snarky co-worker or nasty boss.”

Britney Spears says ‘#FreeBritney’ after winning right to hire lawyer in conservatorship case – Heather Hansen comments to USA TODAY: “Mathew is a very aggressive attorney who is already setting himself up as Britney’s protector and advocate,” trial attorney and legal analyst Heather Hansen told USA TODAY. “He has also represented enough famous people to understand that working with the media and controlling the narrative is an important part of his job. He may be trying to do just that and show his zealousness for this case.” 

How To Discuss Suggestions For Company Improvement With Superiors – Simon Mainwaring, founder/CEO of the creative consultancy We First, offers this advice: “To avoid sounding preachy or out of line, you must meet leadership where they are in terms of what they are willing to listen to.” To do that, Mainwaring and Heather Hansen, a self-advocacy expert and author of “Advocate To Win,” suggest taking three steps.

Moms Don’t Have Time To Read Books – Zibby Owens: I’m really excited to be here today with Heather Hanson who’s the author of The Elegant Warrior: How To Win Life’s Trials Without Losing Yourself. A trial lawyer for over twenty years defending medical malpractice suits, Heather is an advocacy and credibility consultant, keynote speaker, and host of “The Elegant Warrior Podcast.”

Good Girls Get Rich – Heather is the premier expert on how to advocate for your big ideas. We talk with Heather about how to advocate for ourselves as women. She’s the CEO and founder of advocate to win and it’s given thousands of clients the knowledge and tools they need to become better advocates.

#ConversationsLIVE – Host Cyrus Webb welcomes author Heather Hansen to #ConversationsLIVE to discuss what it’s been like to motivate and inspire others and what led her to write the book THE ELEGANT WARRIOR.

Jubilee Road Podcast Season 5 – Jemi Amerine and Rebecca Huff interviews author Heather Hansen of The Elegant Warrior.  This was such an informative treat.  Rebecca and I both HIGHLY recommend Heather’s book The Elegant Warrior.

Le vital corps Salon – It is my great pleasure to introduce you to Heather Hansen. Heather has spent her life focused on communication and how to effectively harness it successfully across numerous fields. I’m stoked about her book, The Elegant Warrior: How to Win Life’s Trials Without Losing Yourself. Heather gathers up all of her lessons from the courtroom and shows readers how they can use their complaints, discoveries, questions, and objections to find their own voices and win arguments without losing themselves in the process.

Creative Warriors Podcast – Creative Warriors is a community of purpose-driven entrepreneurs and creative small business owners. Brave souls taking the road less traveled, forging our way through the world creating businesses marketing ourselves and our talents. Jeffrey Shaw interviews Heather and discusses her journey from medical malpractice attorney to author and professional speaker.

Read To Lead Podcast – After 20 years of winning trials in the courtroom, Heather teaches us how to use those skills (asking questions, mastering objections, building credibility quickly and persuading effectively) to be better leaders. Among other things, Heather and I discuss her book The Elegant Warrior and her vast experience at helping others stand up for themselves and their businesses. If you want to learn how to be someone who fights adversity with grace and compassion and battles without losing respect for yourself and your adversaries, then give this episode a listen.

Next Big Idea Club – Heather Hansen is an acclaimed trial lawyer, keynote speaker, and Next Big Idea Club member whose latest book is The Elegant Warrior: How to Win Life’s Trials Without Losing Yourself. Heather recently sat down with Next Big Idea Club Marketing Director Marquina Iliev-Piselli to discuss why fear is so persuasive, and what it means to become a truly elegant warrior.

VOICE OF INFLUENCE – In this episode, Heather talks about her journey from being a trial attorney to where she is today, the difference between communicating and advocating, why you need to hire yourself as your own advocate, the value of owning your mistakes when it comes to building your credibility.

Thrive LOUD with Lou Diamond – You can use words to win—not only in the courtroom, but also in the boardroom, the bedroom, the operating room, the living room and beyond. Heather knows how. For our twenty years she’s been using words to win in the courtroom, selling her cases to scores of juries.

Woman accused of drugging young mother to steal her child pleads not guilty to kidnapping charges

Harvey Weinstein trial could come down to battle of expert witnesses

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