The Elegant Warrior Podcast Episode 128 – Choose Your Elegance, Choose Your Life

How often do you hesitate to make a choice because you’re not sure if it’s the right one? Or second-guess the choice you did make because you don’t know if you made it for the right reasons? Today, I want to share with you three ways that you can know without a doubt that you are making the best choices for your life. When you confidently make your choices, you confidently choose your life. I want to help you eliminate the doubt and instead begin to make choices more confidently, more quickly, and more decisively. I can promise you that these three things will help you to make better choices for your life, starting today.


Today we discuss —


Know that you are choosing

  • When you know that you are making choices you can do so much more intentionally.
  • Even the choices that you don’t necessarily enjoy are still intentional — what would happen if you chose not to wake up on time or not to go to work today?
  • Elegance lies in making your choices intentionally.
  • Limiting your choices with food, dress, or exercise can help you focus on the most important intentional choices.


Know your inner jury

  • Your ego, your fear, or your habit should not be the part of you that makes the choice.
  • Be friendly with your inner jury and know what is best for her.
  • Think of your inner jury as the “future you” when considering your health, finances, and relationships.
  • Your inner jury can be an older, calmer, more serene version of yourself.
  • Try referring to yourself in the third person to better understand your alter ego.


Know the reasons for your choices

  • You cannot let fear keep you from making the best choices for your life.
  • Knowing the reasons for your choices will help eliminate stress.
  • You will be able to stand by your choices when you know the reasons you made them.
  • Stop second-guessing your choices by knowing the why behind them.
  • You may never know if a choice was right or wrong, but you can know that you like the reasons that you made the choice.


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