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2020: The Year of the Feminine-ist

A trial lawyer is a warrior, and for 20 years I’ve been a trial lawyer. I’ve been recognized as a Philadelphia Super Lawyer and one of the Top 50 Female Attorneys in the state of Pennsylvania. And I’ve been inducted into the American College of Trial Lawyers, composed of the “preeminent members of the Trial […]

Change Perspectives, Change Lives

Change perspectives, change lives. When you communicate, you’re sharing perspectives, but when you’re advocating you’re changing them. You’re helping your jury–of clients, customers, team members, students, or family-to see the world differently. And when they do, their world changes. But you can change your own world as well, and sometimes you must. The loudest jury, […]

Does Public Speaking Make You Nervous? Try This

Does public speaking make you nervous? If so, this might be the secret weapon that will help.  I’ve been trying cases in front of juries for 20 years, and now I’m a keynote speaker, so speaking to large groups is second nature for me. In fact, when the time comes for me to stand up […]

Want to Win? Go Beyond Communicating and Become an Advocate

When you want to win–sales, attention, loyalty or engagement-you have to go beyond communicating and become an advocate. Communicating is sharing ideas. That’s great when you’re at therapy, chatting with friends or having dinner with your family. But advocating is publicly supporting your ideas. When you advocate, you’re a champion and a protector for your […]

3 Tools to Be Your Own Best Advocate

If you want to succeed, no matter what you do, you need these 3 tools to be your own best advocate.  As AI continues to take over jobs, and technology continues to change the jobs that remain, your ability to advocate becomes more and more important. You want to advocate for your ideas, your team, […]

You Are An Advocate. The One Way to Be the Best

You are an advocate. You publicly support your family, your ideas, and ideally yourself. And you have your “juries”, whether it’s your clients, your customers, your investors or your team. For over 20 years as a trial attorney I’ve given witnesses the tools to step into the witness box, turn to the jury, and advocate […]

How Does Your “Jury” Want to Feel?

When you advocate for your big idea, you need to consider how your jury (your clients, your customers, your team etc) wants to feel. Because if you can use words, questions, tone and body language to help your “jury” feel good, you will win. Words make us feel, and feelings make us act. I saw […]

I Wish I Could Do It for You

I wish I could do it for you. I wish I could take your big idea, put it into my head, and use the tools of an advocate to get all that your big idea needs. I’d advocate to win support, attention, loyalty and engagement for your big idea. But I wouldn’t just need your […]

Who Is Your Jury?

One of the first questions I ask my clients is “Who is your jury?” Because in order to be a good advocate, you have to know what you are advocating for. What do you want to win? It may be more sales, more attention, more loyalty, more engagement. Once we know what you are advocating […]

Want to Win? Stop Communicating and Start Advocating.

You have a big idea. If you want to win support, attention, loyalty and engagement for your big idea it’s time to stop communicating and start advocating. Let’s talk about definitions. Communicating means to share ideas. (It also means to spread disease. No one wants that.) Advocating means to publicly support ideas. Your big idea […]

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