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Video Calls Scare You

Do you know why video calls scare you? It isn’t just because you have to comb your hair, or you don’t want anyone to see that you aren’t wearing pants. The reason that video calls scare you involves your lizard brain, the part of your brain that is concerned with fight or flight. It wants […]

How to Be Interesting on Video

Many of my clients are coming to me lately asking how to be interesting on video. They’re having more and more video calls and Zoom conferences. So they want to know how to stand out, make an impression, and win the call. I’ve been sharing my FOCUS Process with my clients (and on my blog, […]

How to Be Charismatic on Video

Do you want to know how to be charismatic on video? Now that more and more of your calls and meeting are by video, many of you do. For over 20 years I’ve seen attorneys use videotaped depositions at trial. I’ve used them myself. And those experiences have taught me a lot about how to […]

5 Ways to Win Your Next Video Call or Conference.

Here are 5 ways to win your next video call or conference. Because you might be doing a lot more video than you’re used to, and I want to help. If you’re like most of my consulting clients, your world has changed and suddenly you’re doing all of your communicating on video. Where you used […]

Self Isolation and Self Advocacy

Let’s talk about self isolation and self advocacy. I live alone. That means that even before the “new normal” of self isolation, quarantine, and social distancing, sometimes I felt isolated. And now, everything is heightened. But that’s not only true for those of us who live alone. When everyone around you could be dangerous, we […]

How Women Can Be More Confident and Advocate for Themselves

As we approach Women’s Day, I want to share how women can be more confident and advocate for themselves. You know that I wish I could do it for you. But I can’t. You have to do it for yourself. And it’s simple really. And you can learn it from people like Andre Agassi, LeBron […]

Be a Better Negotiator

You can be a better negotiator. You negotiate every day–for more money, more time, more compassion, or more help. It might be that you’re asking for a raise. Maybe you’re looking to work from home, or leave early on Wednesdays. Perhaps you want your partner to do more of the housework. The root of the […]

You Can Choose Your Jury or You Can Convert Them

You can choose your jury, or you can convert them. You have a jury. They are your team members, your customers, your clients and your students. Ideally, you get to choose your jurors. When you choose your ideal customer, your ideal teammates or your ideal students, things are easier. They see things your way. You […]

Credibility And Creativity Win

When it comes to advocating, credibility and creativity win. They are just 2 of the 5 Cs of an Advocate and they are powerful. One of my clients just called to tell me she used them to win a promotion and a raise. This woman had read my book, The Elegant Warrior, and she wanted […]

A Great Lawyer Knows the Jury

I often tell clients “a good lawyer knows the law, but a great lawyer knows the jury”. When I was a young lawyer, one of my clients gave me a paperweight. It said “A good lawyer knows the law. A great lawyer knows the judge.” And I was shocked. That was not justice! Winning and […]

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